Holidays have come, you might just be getting a new iPhone as a present. Probably because you have finished your exams, passed with flying colors, or a Christmas present. Or also, a New Year’s present.

These are the best, most-used apps, games and utilities that you can download on your phone and make your iPhone even entertaining and amusing.

Microsoft Outlook

The mailing app which comes with the iPhone is absolutely terrible. So leave that behind and switch to Microsoft’s Outlook app. It offers a fast, clean interface, fantastic support. And also, it is completely reliable.

Google Photos

Apple’s iCloud storage is pricey. If you want a quick, simple and free way to back up all your photos, try Google Photos. You won’t be saving full, high-resolution pictures unless you’re willing to pay for storage, but if your choice is between slightly lower-quality pictures or no pictures at all, it’s an easy pick, especially for the low, low price of free.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an efficient and authentic app. It is way better than the one your Apple phone consists of. So if you don’t enjoy getting lost, download this free app as soon as you can.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is one of the most exceptional weather apps. It might just be the next best thing, it predicts the weather for the next few minutes, meaning that you’ll always know whether you’ll need an umbrella when you head out the door.

IA Writer

If you’re a writer, a scribbler, a kind of person who takes a lot of notes, it’s worth investing in an IA Writer. This app makes jotting down quick and also, syncs those notes to your computer.


Fantastical is an amazing app, with a scrolling view that combines meetings and reminders from all your accounts. It also contains a smart system that cleverly adds things like locations, dates and new events.




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