Here are 10 Hotel Tips which will make your stay much more comfortable and competent.

I hope it helps you on your next journey!

1. Mention Special Occasions

Most of the time people travel for birthdays, anniversaries or honeymoons. Always mention if you have any special occasions going on because you might just get a little perk. Like surprise welcome or a complimentary welcome object from the hotel.

2. Ask For A Corner Room

Always ask for a corner room, with the same price you get space which is larger and quieter. Hotels often tend to be noisy so that’ll be a good commodity for you.

3. Ask About Parking

Try going to a hotel which offers free parking as the parking costs add up and become a lot. If your hotel does not offer free parking then try looking for cheaper garages nearby.

4. Be Respectful Towards the Staff

Always be respectful towards your staff. They have to deal with difficult customers on a daily basis. A little niceness goes a long way, and you might just get free perks out of the staff because of your good behavior.

5. Bundle A Hotel Stay With Airfare

Bundle a hotel stay with Airfare. Some websites offer travel packages that combine both accommodations and flights, which can help you save significantly on your hotel room.

6. Skip The Package Deals

Hotels often make new deals and packages to attract customers. They may seem exciting but most of the things will be unnecessary, which you probably don’t need.

7. Don’t Pay For The Mini Bar

The charges of the minibar are often miscalculated because they are stocked by hand. So carefully perceive your hotel bills and if you think that things are miscalculated, contact the staff.

8. Room Preferences Aren’t Guaranteed

Don’t expend your time being upset as in many hotels these preferences aren’t guaranteed. You’ll usually get what you asked for, but not always.

9. Check Distances On A Map

Hotels often exaggerate their proximity to attractions so always check the distances on a map before booking a hotel to avoid future muddles.

10. Pack Earplugs

Noise and disturbances are a part of traveling so always pack a good pair of earplugs just in case you need it.


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