The cryptocurrency obsession has taken over everywhere. Even in children who have access to the cyber world and other technologies. So much so, that an 11-year-old kid named Andrew Courey has written a whole book on cryptocurrency. Andrew is a 6th-grade student who lives in Massachusetts, the United States. Along with being interested in sports,  he has a great interest in technology and cryptocurrency.

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The name of Courey’s book is “Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin” and he has spent almost six hours a day to complete it. The book itself is kind of a guide for people who have no knowledge about bitcoins and cryptocurrency. It includes many interesting chapters about topics like the history and origin of bitcoins, initial coin offerings, bitcoin wallets and many more. The book is now available on Amazon and has already became a hot topic for discussion on the internet. The price of the ebook is $2.99 while the hard copy is $9.99.

Courey got the idea for the book after explaining his dad about bitcoins and realizing that he is quite good at explaining the topic. Afterwards, he watched many Youtube videos and read various blogs to research more and wrote the book. Courey himself says,


“When I was trying to learn about Bitcoin, there simply was no easy-to-understand information on Bitcoin for people like my parents and grandparents who knew nothing about Bitcoin until they read the book.”

What is even more interesting is that Courey after some initial investment, is no more investing in bitcoins himself as he thinks it is way too early to take a risk on Bitcoins.

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