Turns out that it might not be a lucky year for leading Android giant, Samsung.

According to South Korean publication reports, Samsung is facing a backlash and the pre-orders of the latest model Galaxy S9 are 30% down as compared to the previous model, Galaxy S8. After revealing the first entry data, turned out that the pre-orders of Galaxy S9 are just 70% of the predecessor.

source: phonearena.com

Sources also revealed that the number of units that were distributed to the users of Samsung Galaxy S9 are only 180,000 while Samsung Galaxy S8 was distributed to over 260,000 users on its first day of release. This latest news was confirmed by the three main network providers in South Korea, the tech giant’s home country.

The company set a sales goal of around 43 million units for the handsets which is undoubtedly 2 million higher than the Galaxy S8.

There is a high chance that Samsung improves their sales since the tech-giant worked hard on its marketing to attract their loyal customers as well as the newbies. Also, this loss in the sales was reported only in the first few hours of the pre-orders.

One of the main reasons of the low sales can be the lack of innovative features in Galaxy S9. The premium quality Galaxy S8 phones are still in high demand due to its sleek and stylish design and infinite display which made them the top selling mobile phone in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S9 was highly promoted for its improved camera quality, face recognition technology and its improved design, but the buyers reported that they did not feel any difference between the two phones.

Samsung tried to improve all its features in the new phone instead of introducing the new ones. So, let’s hope that the latest launch works well for the flagship and their not-so-good year turns into a good one!


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