Business Insider lists down 20 best smartphones according to price, design, features and ecosystem. The list includes a variety of mid-range and premium smartphones.

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20. BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry Classic looks somewhat like older models of BlackBerry. But it has a sharp touchscreen with an outstanding keyboard.

19. BlackBerry KeyOne

BlackBerry KeyOne is an Android phone having a physical keyboard. This is the best choice to buy for those who want an access to Google’s apps and services with a physical keyboard.

18. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

After battery explosion issues of Galaxy Note 7, its the latest one in the Galaxy Note series. Its new big screen, along with its sleek design, adds more appeal to it.

17. ZTE Axon 7

ZTE is a Chinese smartphone maker. Its Axon 7 offers the same specs as other Android phones at a cheaper price.

16. Moto G5 Plus

Moto G5 Plus is the most affordable phone among other Android phones ever. G5’s 5.2-inch 1080p screen, a fingerprint scanner, good battery life, a 12-mega pixel camera and its affordable price is enough to beat other Android phones. However, you have to a few compromises under the price tag of $230.

15. HTC 10

HTC 10 is a stunning and powerful smartphone., and guess what? it can be bought unlocked.

14. Moto Z

Moto Z is one of the slimmest phone ever. It runs a near-pure version of Android. The Moto Z also supports different modules to give phone better functionality.

13. Huawei Mate 9

With Huawei Mate 9, you can get 5.9” screen, good battery life and dual camera. Currently, Huawei Mate 9 is the fastest phone among Android phones you can buy right now.

12. iPhone SE

The iPhone SE comes with a 4-inch screen, great battery life, Apple Pay and other premium features. It offers great apps, ecosystem, performance as iPhone 6S but comparatively, under a lower price.

11. iPhone 6S

The iPhone 6S gives you great experience with premium features. iPhone 6S users will get authentic software updates straight from the company.

10. iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6S Plus doesn’t offer features that the iPhone 7 Plus has, but getting it at a comparatively lower price is also a great deal. iPhone 6S Plus runs on A9 chip and offers other features like  3D Touch, Live Photos,  fast fingerprint sensor and much more.

9. HTC U11

The squeezable HTC U11 is a great Android phone you can buy. HTC U11 has an extremely good camera and great speed. And its sleek and glossy finish design along with its unique colours, make it more appealing.

8. LG G6

The G6 is LG’s best cell phone, and it’s really an extraordinary smartphone. LG at last executed key components, similar to an exceptional outline and water resistance, which at long last put LG phones in the similar group as other leading cell phones from Samsung and Apple.

The G6 has a great dual-lens camera that everybody ought to be satisfied with. It additionally has a somewhat taller-than-normal screen that is awesome for using apps.

7. OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 5 is one of the top Android cell phones you can but at the moment. It has a lot to offer like a sophisticated yet simple design, great speed, extraordinary camera at relatively lower price than other smartphones offering the same features. It additionally incorporates an earphone jack.

6. Galaxy S8

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has definitely got some classy looks,  even better than iPhone. The bent glass on both the front and back is a refinement of its antecedent, the Galaxy S7.

Aside from looks, the Galaxy S8 is loaded with some great features, including water resistance, a taller-than-normal screen, quick charging, wireless charging, face recognition, iris recognition, the best-in-class camera, Samsung Pay, and a hidden home button.

5. Galaxy S8+

The Galaxy S8+ is similar in features to the S8, with the exception of it’s somewhat bigger and have a bigger 6.2-inch screen, which is best to have a fantastic and large display of apps.

4. iPhone 7


No doubt iPhone 7 offers the best applications and support, if something goes wrong, to its customers.

It additionally works incredibly well with other Apple items, as well, like Apple’s wireless headphones, called AirPods.

The hardware has got a little refinement over its predecessor, iPhone 6, like water resistance, a great camera that even gives the best results in dim lights, more powerful processor and redesigned antenna bands. However, it lacks an earphone jack.

3. iPhone 7 Plus

The most significant feature that is a standout is its dual-lens camera. It gives you a chance to capture pictures with an expert-looking “bokeh” effect, which gives pictures the aesthetic quality by blurring out the background in contrast to the subject.

However, similar to the normal iPhone 7, the absence of an earphone jack played a part in the iPhone’s downgrade from the top spot of this list.

2. Google Pixel XL

The new Pixels are Google’s first smartphones. What you get is a smooth looking aluminium phone with a classy glass board on the back that intelligently offers hold for your forefinger. The Pixel XL’s camera stands its ground against the iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8, as well, and its HDR mode modifies your photographs to look astounding.

With Google’s Pixel XL, you get a 5.5-inch screen. However, the rest of its specs are similar to Google Pixel. However, it doesn’t offer such features that justify its higher price.

1. Google Pixel

Google’s Pixel still takes the top spot since it runs stock Android and Google’s Pixel launcher.

It’s likewise a better smartphone in general than our past top pick, the iPhone 7 Plus. It has a superior screen, is lighter, and has valuable features like quick charging.

The Pixel runs on the power-proficient Snapdragon 821. The phone offers 4 GB of RAM and an astounding 12.3-megapixel camera that effectively stands its ground against the iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8.

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