Internet services are not just a commodity anymore, it has literally become a necessity. Therefore, demands for better wifi in flights is increasing, making the requirement an actual standard to measure the fineness of the service an airline can provide.

But having internet 32000 feet above is not a piece of cake. Airlines have to spend a huge amount of funds to enable the service. But in order to pull more traveller to the flight, we are witnessing betterment in the availability of internet. Current statistics show that in 2018, in-flight Wi-Fi is available on 82 airlines, a 17% increase from 2017 but only 43% of available seat miles (ASMs) feature Wi-Fi.

Image Source: City Break – Planetfem

But availability only is not enough. Internet being available on the flight won’t make any difference if the speed and the strength of the signals are not up to the mark. The quality of the signals can be divided into three. The one on which you can browse but not stream any media is considered to be the lowest but 57 percent of the flights now are offering better internet services than that. However, only 16 percent of the flights offer powerful unweathered internet service. But let’s just hope that with the passage of time, the situation of the internet on flights improves more and more.

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