Pakistan National Resolution Day:

Each year, 23rd March is celebrated as Pakistan Day or Pakistan resolution day and a national holiday in Pakistan commemorating the Lahore Resolution passed on 23 March 1940 and the adoption of the first constitution every year to send a message of Pakistan’s stronger commitment for its sovereignty.

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi were present at ground eye-witnessing the strength of Pakistan Army, PAF, Navy.

On this important day, not only Pakistan itself but people from all sub-continents especially Asia has shown its solidarity, brotherhood, unity, and friendship to Pakistan.

On this occasion, Pakistan chief guest of Honor Mahathir Bin Muhammad arrived in Pakistan on a 3-days visit, to acknowledge, overlook and experience the display of Pakistan’s forces during Pakistan’s National Day 23rd March.
Mahathir also expressed its interest in Pakistan’s business sector and acknowledged its business potential to invest US$900m to set up manufacturing proton plant in Pakistan and other social sectors by injecting a total of US$1.3b.

On Pakistan National Day parade, 7 countries have deployed its forces in Islamabad to show the world the unity.

China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, UAE, and SriLanka played its part in Pakistan National day parade, where Chinese J-10 jets has displayed airshow in Islamabad in beautiful cloudy weather, Turkish Airforce (SoloTurk) also took its part in airshow by displaying its power jets in Pakistan airshow.

J 10 China

Pakistan-China indigenously built jet JF-17 Thunder shown its muscles by acrobatic its speed, noise, and tactics in an airshow.

China, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia are looking forward to enhancing government to government and military to the military relationship in the development of social, economic and defense sector. China has already invested more than 45B$ in Pakistan under One Belt On Road (OBOR) initiative under total investment of US$700b so far.


Malaysian Prime Minister has also shown its interest in buying Pakistan’s indigenously built anti-tank missiles, tactical warheads, and most sophisticated jets which also countered India’s MiG-21 and Su-30s by downing it in a recent dogfight, Malasia will buy JF-17 Thunder from all Blocks (i, ii, iii) as both countries signed 5-MOUs which shows the beginning of new era.

Pakistan parade displayed its deterrent weapons which included Nasar 350KM tactical weapons which can carry small scale nuclear, Home-grown Al-Khalid tanks, Mi17 Helicopters, Radar systems, Stealth Missile, Cobra Heli, Borak Drones and training aircraft.

On this day, each year, Pakistan sends a message to the world, we are prepared to counter any enemy who looks towards us with dirty eyes. We strive for peace but our peace efforts should not be considered as our weakness, Pakistan can protect its sovereignty in all states of the time.


~Pakistan Zindabad~

The friendship of   Payindabad.

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