The world cup 2019 has started in England and Wales which are the co-host for the World Cup tournament this year. One of the most followed tournaments will have ten countries fighting for the World cup in the next 15 days. They will fight with each other 50 overs proving which one of them is the best team.

However the predictions on which team will win the World Cup has also been coming out. The Neural Network approach predicts India and Pakistan as the top two contenders; this could be due to their excellent performance in the ICC champion’s trophy 2017. Also, India won the champions trophy 2013 and reached the finals in 2017 which happened in England, hence India gets a relatively higher probability by both Neural Network and Classifier approaches. However the Ensemble Classification approach suggests that Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India to be the top teams in the tournament.

The Pakistani fans are hopeful and the expectations have been developed from the team. With support of crazy fans the preparations are complete.

The following is the Pakistani team timetable for the World Cup 2019

                   May 31, Fri                                   West Indies vs Pakistan, Match 2                        Jun 03, Mon                                England vs Pakistan, Match 6                               Jun 07, Fri                                Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, Match 11                            Jun 12, Wed                               Australia vs Pakistan, Match 17                           Jun 16, Sun                                      India vs Pakistan, Match 22

                 Jun 23, Sun                                Pakistan vs South Africa, Match 30                         Jun 26, Wed                                New Zealand vs Pakistan, Match 33                           Jun 29, Sat                               Pakistan vs Afghanistan, Match 36                           Jul 05, Fri                                 Pakistan vs Bangladesh, Match 43

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