Troubles for Huawei are not over yet as they continue to struggle with the ban and its effects on the phone

As per news reports Facebook has been added in the list of companies that will cut off their ties with Chinese tech giant Huawei. According to the ban, the smartphone manufacturer isn’t allowed to pre-download any features apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp on its phones.

Huawei phones usually consisted of pre-installed social media apps including twitter but they won’t be able to do so anymore. However, once the phone is in their user’s hand they can download and use the apps as per their desire and will also continue to receive updates from the Play store.

Those customers who already have Huawei phones will still be able to use Facebook and its apps and also will receive updates. The ban applies to all the future Huawei phones, as per Mashable.

However, Google has received a temporary license to continue sending security updates to existing Huawei phones the situation is still in hot waters. Although the Facebook ban is different as it has denied all phone manufacturers from pre-installing the app.

Meanwhile, Intel and Qualcomm, SD Association too lately cut off its ties with Huawei, which means that the smartphone maker has been banned from using micro SD cards too.

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