Following a conversation, Google released the design of its upcoming smartphone Pixel 4 which is supposed to be released in October this year.

The release has made people particularly puzzled but it seems like the search giant wanted to be ahead of the leaks and they released a picture of the phone showing its top and bottom sides.

Twitter user @atn1988 even “combined the two slices” of the Pixel 4 photo in Google’s tweet to make a complete phone:

The main thing that’s catching most people’s attention is the rear camera design on the Pixel 4, which looks mighty similar to the rumored rear camera design on this year’s new iPhone.

The square camera’s hump clearly shows a dual-camera setup, a flash, and an additional sensor, which is rumored to be a radar chip for gesture-based control.

It’s a stark difference from Google’s previous designs, which have stuck with a single-camera setup. Notably, the Pixel 4 looks a lot like what we’re expecting the next iPhone to look like right down to its square camera hump.

Google is rarely able to keep device announcement under wraps, and it looks like the Pixel 4 is no different. But instead of pretending like the leaks aren’t happening, Google has joined the party

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