Jewelry has been a part of women and their attire for centuries. Necklaces have graced the necks of beautiful women and are often seen as the last piece of the puzzle.

A necklace is one piece of jewelry that has been passed on for centuries. That’s how they’re the timeless pieces of heirloom which have been passed over from generation to generation

We have always heard the term that “less is more” but you can now throw that out the window because in this age even if more is done right you can definitely nail any look you want anytime.

A stylist knows that how a statement necklace can elevate a look from simple to sophisticated. But the necklace has to be on the right body, right face and most important the correct neckline.

Here is a guide to which necklace type would suit you keeping in mind all three things



There are different types of choker necklace from boho chokers to metallic chunky chokers. Each of them has a different way in which they would elevate your look.

Boho chokers are sweet simple ones on which you can have dream catchers which would rush away from your bad dreams or you can have sweet pendants that would sway as you move.

On the other hand, a heavy choker necklace sure makes a statement. It gives you the daring look with the perfect tinge of sophistication. Just keep your dress from having too much bling as your choker necklace does all the work.

The best part about choker necklaces is that they go well with everything from casual to formal wear and compliment all sorts of necklines


Pendants are the perfect accessory for wherever you go may it be the office or a lunch out with friends.

You can wear them in multiple ways owing to the occasion in day time you can have a small pearl hanging and for formal dinner wear you can give rhinestones.

Also, pendants make the sweetest personalized gifts with pendants having names and messages engraved on them.

They complement all necklines from V-necks to button down tops.

Collar Necklace

Collar necklaces are mostly found in heirlooms. They have three stands of necklace that are mainly made up of pearls or necklaces.

They’re best used for formal wear. They go well with boat-necks and off- shoulder outfits. They sure are a great way to make statements in every party you want to shine in.

Opera Necklace

These necklaces are heaven-sent for people who love drama in their outfits. They consist of multiple strings woven together at a distance. They have a long length of the chain. They’re meant for formal dinners but no-one can dare stop a diva from spicing up her casual luncheon look for the day.

Long Necklace

Long Necklaces are the simplest accessory that every woman should own regardless of her age. You can wear a long necklace anywhere in the school or in the workplace. You can wear your favorite loose t-shirts or your collared shirts.

You can play around a lot with your long necklace, you can mix and match pieces with your necklace or carry this as the only piece of jewelry in your outfit with grace.

Plastron Necklace

These necklaces are for women who want to cover their busts. They’re bib style necklaces that stay still on the neck and can be rigid or flexible. Typically worn with solid colored Kurtis and shirts which are sure to gain the attention of the crowd no matter where you go.

They’re well suited with deep neck and turtle neck shirts which gives full attention to the neckline if the individual wearing it.

Chunky chains

This is one of the oldest styles of the ’80s which has returned for this season. They’ve been trending on the fashion week and you sure don’t want to miss out on this one!

The key to wearing chunky chains is simplicity. All other parts of your attire should be basic to allow the chunky chains to outshine everything.


A necklace is a perfect accessory if worn correctly can change your whole look from drab to fabulous

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