Successful People Leverage Failure

I get scared sometimes, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. I fail, I fall, I fade when I keep losing. But the key to success is to keep moving. Keep moving. No matter what happens. Fall seven times, but stand up eight.

I will tell you today, 3 things successful people do to leverage failure.

Successful people don’t define failure as the opposite of success; they define failure as the opposite of trying.

Successful people try. They make a real effort to achieve their goals. They do not see failure as the end point of all things. It is all about the perspective. Failure is seen as an opportunity to learn more. As steps, to climb on one by one to achieve the final destination which is a success.

Successful people are brave enough to embrace fear and smart enough not to give it too much power.

Bravery is not being scared of anything. Bravery is being scared but fighting through your fears. It is having the courage to embrace your fears. Everyone gets scared but having the courage to fight your fears is what makes a man successful. But there is a thin line in being confident and over-confident. Over-confidence leads to failure while confidence leads to success.

Successful people decide that a failure is indeed an option so they get comfortable with discomfort.

Successful people know that failure isn’t the end of all things. They do consider that they might fail. Once it is thought that failure is not an option, fear starts building up and the fear of failure leads to not taking the first step at all. It is cardinal to consider failure as an option and to learn from it.


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