Despite being an unusually amazing phenomenon, 3D printing has been neglected to consider as an important innovation by Tech giants on an almost criminal basis. But one cannot blame them as 3D printing has always remained as a slow, expensive and complicated process to take advantage from. But not anymore!

In the recent times, 3D printing is being evolved to such greater extends, that it has grown by 33.5% and is even reaching the market as a more of a user-friendly device to make the most of technology.  Now we can witness innovations with 3D-printed products which are visible among a wide range of industries. But the fascinating wonders of 3d printing are done in the field of medicine, where thousands of treatments are done with ease and less expanse using the miraculous products of 3d printers. Let’s have a look at some of them.

The Miracles of Dermatological Printing

The phenomenon of 3D printing has set a new wave in the field of dermatology. May it be treating burn victims for the renewal of their skin, airway splints for babies with tracheobronchomalacia or just a cosmetic surgery for the modification of beauty; The bioprinters use no ‘ink’ but simply the sample of cellular and plasma of human skin to make a new one.

No More Wait For a Donor: Bio printings can Take Care of It!

There are several transplants and treatment which depends on donating an organ. Hence millions of people wait to find a proper donor to save their lives and half of them die waiting. 3d printers have stepped in this scenario as no less than a miracle of God. With advanced technologies in bioprinting, revolutions have been created by researching how to 3D print cartilage and bones using a bio-ink.

Digital Evaluation of Dental Sector

The Orthodontic industry is making most of the advancement in 3D printing. As now dentists can 3D print plaster models, positioning trays, orthodontic appliances, clear aligners and retainers in no time.

Considering the advancement of 3d printing, we will soon be having treatments entirely depending on the efficient products of this spectacular technology.

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