While watching your favorite TV show or movie have you ever felt like being there and living it? Like when you see the squad from F.R.E.N.D.S meeting at Central Perk, does your brain get triggered to hang out with your friends too at the same place? We all have been there. Wanting to run through the Hobbit village or nibble on a pizza in Mystic Pizza. And the best of all is our forever dream of having to fly on a broom stick in the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. And somehow manage to get our hands on some wizard-approved food.

Thanks to some business minded people who could not miss the chance to make a business out of it, we can now actually go and experience the same feelings our favorite celebrities had while shooting the movie. There are many iconic movie themed restaurants all across the globe to let us fulfill our wish of dining in a setting we have seen in our favorite movie.

Here is the list of four of our favorite movie themed restaurants!

  1. Central Perk – Friends
Source: New Indian Express

Central Perk is one of the most desirable hangout places among many, from 80’s kids to millennial and the newest generation of youngsters, everyone who has watched Friends (that constitutes about 95% of planet earth) wishes to sip on a giant mug of coffee on that giant orange couch with their friends. And this dream is now achievable in many corners of the world as there is not only one but several ‘Central Perk’ themed restaurants in many countries.

Pakistan too has its own Central Perk in Lahore!

  1. Bistrot Chez Remy – Ratatouille
Source: Paris Disney Hotels
Source: Theme Park Insider

Are you obsessed with Chef Remy the little mouse? This restaurant has got you covered! Bistrot Chez Remy based on the movie is located in Paris and has the finest French cuisine on its menu along with the famous a la carte ‘Ratatouille’. In case if you are wondering, you won’t sadly find Remy in the kitchen but the taste of their Ratatouille is as amazing as Remy’s.

  1. Jack Café – Titanic
Source: Pintrest

Convincing people to dine in a setting famous for a misfortune event is a hard sell but this restaurant somehow managed to get the attention and the response it wanted. Themed over the famous sinking ship ‘Titanic’ it is actually a boat built into a restaurant. It serves Asian-Fusion cuisine to a large number of diners.


  1. Wonderland Café – Alice in Wonderland


Source: groupon.co.uk

Enter a world of wonder, fantasy and adventure through a rabbit hole and live the fancy dream of Alice in this café located in Nottingham. This café is the most magical execution of a dream. From the table setting of the afternoon tea with the Mad Hatter to the delights and decors, this café is absolutely a vision.




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