Sony & Samsung

Sony and Samsung are both outstanding companies which produce exceptional phones with the best features.

Both of these companies have announced, 48-megapixel image sensors designed for smartphones earlier this year. And we’re starting to hear details of the first devices to make use of the massive pixel counts.

Samsung and Sony both seem to be making similar claims about their phones. They contain micro 0.8µm pixels, but the sensors are larger than the majority with an overall size of 1/2.0 inches.

One individual pixel can take information from its neighbors to produces the equivalent of a 12-megapixel image captured with 1.6µm pixels.

If you want to compare them, the most famous and best-selling phones in the market like Pixel 3 and iPhone XS have 12-megapixel sensors with 1.4µm pixels.

There were many high-resolution phones in the past such as Nokia’s 41-megapixel 808 PureView and Lumia 1020, but there are too many variables around software, size, and optics to really compare the implementation.

But the actual result will only be seen after these phones are used. Let ’s see how much their claims match to the reality.



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