5 Best 2017 Trailers you should definitely watch!


Here’s the list of some amazing movies and tv series that are going to be released soon.
Wait a little longer, cause all of them will be streaming on Netflix real soon.


It is a dark comedy that features the gangster who ruins the idyllic and serene environment of a 1950s neighborhood. The mystery/crime film is directed by George Clooney featuring Oscar Isaac, Matt Damon, and Julianne Moore. Suburbicon will be released on October 27th.


IT by Warner Bros is a thriller. The scariest part is the evil CLOWN. Watch the trailer and see yourself how scary this movie can get. IT will be out on September 8th.


Netflix Alias Grace is a novel by Margaret Atwood. This is a miniseries about two servants who kill their employer. It has some uncanny scenes that make this thriller seem more like a horror movie. It will be out on November 3rd.


Marjorie Prime is a science fiction movie in which Marjorie spends the last days of her life with a computerized version of his dead husband. The movie has featured Jon Hamm in “his best role” along with Geena Davis, Lois Smith, and Tim Robbins.


LBJ focuses on the prime era of John F. Kennedy’s presidency till his assassination without going through the legacy of the powerful Senate majority leader- LBJ. The movie will be released on November 3rd.

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