On one hand, where technology has made the world easy to tech-kle multitasking, it has also affected our capability to maintain the focus. If being plugged into the internet is your job, then your focus issues are a legit real deal. You are always distracted by everything happening on the internet other than your work, it becomes increasingly difficult to focus without getting a sneak preview of what’s happening on social media.

Before you curse technology for not allowing you to focus, you can seek out for help through it as well. Here are 5 ways tech helps you boost your productivity.

Log milestones

The best motivation is the progress of what you have done so far, even if that progress is very little. Logging your bog or small milestone is very necessary. Use Excel sheet, Google Sheets, Lifetick, Alpine achievements, Google tasks and many other milestone and achievement logging software to keep a record of your productivity and achievements.

Use time tracking software

Time tracking software and apps help you in the best of increasing productivity and keeping a track record of how much time you have been spending on different tasks. Use them to schedule and prioritize everything accordingly.

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Count your calories

In today’s fast-paced world, healthy should be the top priority for everyone. Healthy eating combined with regular exercising could help you in staying active for achieving your goals and milestones. Calorie logging applications and software are the best way to track your daily calorie intake. And some of them are equipped enough to track your walking activity as well. Just by the way, your fitness trackers don’t count your calories properly.

Use collaborative tools

As the world is has turned into a global village, people are connecting all over the globe through internet. Collaboration between people has become easier this way, people are using hundreds of platforms and discussion boards to collaborate with each other. Globalization this way can help save time, money and effort.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are the key to saving time, they are the ultimate time saviors. You can save many clicks by pressing a single key on your keyboard.

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