The rapid lightening boom ‘next generation’, the smart wireless technology is expected to make wonders. It is to give power to networked robots, smart cities, self-driving cars, virtual reality and what not.

From music to medicine 5G will take the lead. The team has the emphasis on tech to transfer major physical skills across the networks turning it all into ‘Internet of skills’.

In remote surgery, the 5G would be able to eradicate the delays and lag hence would lead to surgeons get immediate and prompt feedback through the new Haptic gloves.  These gloves are virtual reality equipment and sense motion and other pressure. One could operate on the patient on the other side of the world via a robot.

The professor of Wireless communications at King’s College hopes to delay down the 5G to just the speed of light.

In music, it is planned to digitize the piano skills and teach people remotely to master the instrument. The same haptic gloves can be utilized to record and track down the movement and position of hands. The data is to be stored in the skills database, all ready to be downloaded by an aspirant pianist. Dohler who is the pianist and composer also hopes that this would lead to moving their fingers via haptic gloves with muscle memory trained. Hence could practice anywhere with their muscle memory. He also thinks how surgeons could even upload their skills to the database in order to train and teach students all over the world.

However, it may take another decade to bring ‘Internet of Skills’ into life and function with security rights and cause no harm on any side of the planet.

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