A customer has the power to change the fate of your business. Either you create first impressions to retain customers or persuade them by your courteous nature. But the loss of a customer is the loss to a company and it’s definitely a wasted opportunity. There must be some techniques to retain customers and create repeat purchases.

Six entrepreneurs share their secrets to keep a customer happy and retained.

1. Be nice to them

“We recognize our regulars, even if it’s a simple ‘Welcome back.’ People like to feel that they are being seen and noticed and are important to you. We also empower our team members to give complimentary guacamole or a free bag of chips when they want to delight a guest. It’s more fun if it seems like a random act of kindness.”

— Leo Kremer, co-founder, Dos Toros

2. Keep the record of their purchases history

“A single product is only the beginning of a sound system. We’re a brick-and-mortar consumer electronics retailer, but on our website, we have a six-question quiz that determines a customer’s preferences, and a proprietary algorithm recommends products. Knowing what they already have and what they’re interested in helps generate loyalty.”
— Leon Shaw, founder, Audio Advice

3. Know what they actually need

“We make custom stationary using metal dies and plates that have been engraved specifically for individual clients. We catalog and store them, and our sales team is proactive about reaching out about reorders. For example, if a client works in fund-raising and sends a lot of thank-yous, we’ll remind them when it’s time to freshen up their supply.”
— Jacqueline Kotts, owner, Mrs John L. Strong

4. Offer a free gift

“We have a referral program that includes a special discount for both parties — the original buyer and the recipient — and we offer a free gift with purchase around our big holidays, like Mother’s Day. It brings customers back and attracts some new ones, too.”
— Helen Ficalora, founder, Helen Ficalora

5. Promote new arrivals

“Everything on our beauty site is $1, so we naturally have a lot of repeat customers. But we keep them coming back by adding more than 100 new products every single week, and we constantly promote new arrivals on Instagram as well as popular items that are back in stock. Having a bigger variety than any other outlet is what keeps purchases going.”
— Jean Baik, founder, ShopMissA.com

6. Give them extraordinary

“We stand for more than just ‘cheap flowers.’ We offer subscriptions, which introduce the concept of automated deliveries — weekly, monthly or quarterly — but we also allow people to subscribe to discounted preorders for recurring specific dates, like birthdays or anniversaries.”
— John Tabis, founder, The Bouqs Company

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