Who doesn’t love to travel? But have you ever thought that your travel products could make a high impact on the environment? There’s always a lot more than just packing clothes when you’re about to travel. We’ve created travellers essential list so that you can replace your ordinary harmful items with eco-friendly travel products, and still look classy.

Things that you usually carry in your backpack while travelling turn out to be full of chemicals, plastic packed, or energy-reducing. Don’t worry; we’ve listed 6 Eco-friendly travel products to help you save the environment, and travel peacefully.


In everyday life, people dump thousands of plastic water bottles around the world. Plastic is harmful to the planet as well as for health. Reusable water bottles can easily be recycled and last much longer as compared to ordinary plastic bottles. This little change would help you a lot in travelling from places to places, and they can keep the water cold or hot for many hours, just the way you want it to be.


Everything is dangerous as long as it’s made up of plastic. Purchasing a reusable set of bamboo cutleries, and stainless-steel food canister isn’t extraordinary for the earth, yet incredible for you as well. They genuinely prove to be useful, reusable, and last long for years. They’re easy to handle and can be kept anywhere in your bag or basket.


People often forget that their plastic-wrapped soaps can also cause danger to the environment. Choose a soap bar that has not been made from palm oils. Oil-free soaps like biodegradable soap bars are lightweight, less likely to leak, and are skin-friendly. They saturate, detox, and restore the skin without harmful chemicals. They’re substantial in terms of usage and one of our recommended Eco-friendly travel accessories.


While travelling, hair care routine suffers the most. Try using eco-friendly travel products such as shampoo and conditioner bars instead of shampoo bottles. Such bars are made from all-natural ingredients that nourish your hair, scalp, and even skin. Wrap them in aluminium tin-foil, and you’re good to go! In this way, you would be able to protect both; hair, and the environment as well.


Skincare also needs attention and pampering while travelling. Use waterproof organic sunscreens to avoid sunscreen pollution in water. It would be eco-friendly on the environment. Chose deodorant, which contains natural ingredients. It won’t stop sweat, but it will keep you fresh. It is non-toxic, works on sensitive skin, and lasts more than three months. Keeping your skin radiant while travelling.



We all know how much important it is to keep our electronic devices charged during travelling. Since you won’t be able to find a socket everywhere to charge power banks, so buy a solar one instead. Solar power banks are earth-friendly products. They would be charging during the day, and later you can charge other devices through it wherever without any stress or worries.


All of the above listed Eco-friendly travel products would help you in travelling. We hope that you liked all our mentioned sustainable travel accessories as they would not only make your travelling comfortable but would also help in keeping the planet a better place to survive. Don’t forget to keep all the products in your backpack. Happy travelling!

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