The sunset of this year is just about to set in few weeks, so instead of jumping on the same, old destinations, try something exotic and new before this wonderful year ends. People who like to enjoy their trip away from the mass crowd, Morocco is ideal and incredible at the same time. Check out the list below to mark one of Morocco’s underrated spots to revive with your presence:

Sidi Kaouki

From windsurfing to other water activities, this small town has got so many things to experience. Muslims can also visit the Sufi shrine, while others can praise the incredible building.

El Jadida

This town hasn’t got many visitors, but it holds a historic aura. You can witness some historic masterpieces like the old Portuguese fortress.


With the majestic colourful street, the place is ideal to witness local life in Moroccan culture. The town also offers a place by the beach to soothe yourself amid calming waves.


Berkane is popular for its citrus fruits. Fresh produce is available throughout the year. The city also provides access to the beach at Saidia, known as Morocco’s Blue Pearl.


Oujda is renowned for being the home of Moroccan rai music. There are many food stalls in the narrow streets of the medina and visitors can witness several grand religious buildings.


This town is one of the four imperial cities in Morocco. The town doesn’t have many visitors, however, the city comes alive at night, with food and drink vendors, fairground-like games, and market stalls aplenty.

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