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A Brief Look at Some of The Best Racehorses of All Time!

A live horse race is very enthusiastic sport among all the sports because of its rhythm, language, and intensity. It is very famous among all wealthiest persons. Winning and losing are part of any game. Everyone participates in the race with true winning spirit, but few come out as winning stars that makes them stand out of this world.

Various factors make any horse race a shining star among all the races of all times. You can view live horse race directly in stadiums and even take part in it. If the lady luck prefers you, then you can become the king of the day!

Best Race Horses

1-Seattle Slew –
Slew was known as horse born for victory, and he stood for this oath till his last time. He passed away at the age of 28. Still, he is the legend of all the time. He influenced training and breed of other horses. He was a great motivation for all horse trainers. Seattle Slew is one of the best racehorses ever to kick the racing track



American Citation is an old, lost phantom race legend. He is the most celebrated among all of the historical records, by history means 1940’s. This horse was known as the best thing in racing market. He was loved and liked horse of that time. People have lots of faith and trust in him. Moreover, he lived up to that faith almost all the time. It was said to him that before even his entry on the ground, he was already a winning champion. At the age of 2 years, he was already a champion of 14 out of 16 stars.



American Despite being a female horse, she exhibits the equal amount of strength, courage, and determination. She was known as “The Queen of Race Horse” which automatically speaks about her remarkable position. She was also a part of 2010 horse race where she has carried most of the weight among all the horses of that race. After retirement, now she is enjoying her motherhood.


An American horse that had started her career in 70’s when horse racing and this business were at the peak point. She won all the races of her time. Her racing experience was turned out to the saddest part, which was witnessed by 50,764 people. In order to live up the expectations of others with her, she showed her boldness due to which in the middle part of the race, she snapped her forefront bones. Because of that, she fell. Later that resulted in her sad demise after medical attendance. In order to show honor, respect, care, and affection towards her a movie was made in 2007. That movie is a token of love towards her.


The horse racing odds is all about passion and trust. Every horse and the trainers put a lot of efforts to train them for the race. Everyone puts his 100% effort to win the race. However, legend among all will be one who shows extraordinary hard work and wins the heart of people.

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