Elon Musk confirmed on Wednesday that over 63,000 people have dropped their reservations for Tesla Model 3 and to be honest, he’s a bit relieved.

“It’s like if you’re a restaurant and you’re serving hamburgers, and there’s like an hour-and-a-half wait for hamburgers — do you really want to encourage more people to order more hamburgers?” Musk said.

Due to the excessive demands for Tesla, it was hard for the company to make cars beyond its limit. After cancellations, the total demand for Tesla reduced to 455,000.

Starting from December, Tesla will manufacture 20,000 Model 3 cars per month and according to Elon, the first 6 months will be “Production Hell”.

Tesla model 3 cars have become a luxury everyone can afford and thus the company, without any marketing, receive an average of 1,800 orders per day since the handover event on Friday.

Elon’s current task is to produce as much Tesla Model 3 as possible so people don’t cancel their order.

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