Does the world require more emoji? Not exactly. Will it still get them? Totally. I mean, there’s an entire movie about them now — which, in spite of getting absolutely crushed by the critics, still made about $25 million on its opening weekend.

Hell, they’ve already begun shortlisting the emoji that will be added to our phones in 2018.

You see, easy as they may seem at face value, there’s actually a good amount of thought put into those ‘lil poops and smilies. It’s all handled by a group called the Unicode Consortium — of which Apple, Google, Adobe, Facebook and a plethora of other big names are members. Within that consortium is a group called the Emoji Subcommittee, which solicits and acquires ideas from just about anyone willing to make a case.

Below are the 67 emoji that have made the cut — so far — for 2018. There’s such unforgettable stars as “Face with uneven eyes and mouth” (tl;dr: drunk), “salt shaker” (which will definitely become the go-to substitute for calling someone salty) and “frowning pile of poo” — because it’s 2017 and even poop isn’t content with things right now.

Note that they’re not finalizing this list until later this year, so things might change — so don’t get too attached to any of them just yet. Meanwhile, the art shown is largely just placeholder stuff; most of the bigs, be it Apple/Google/Facebook/etc., bring their own art to the table to better fit their platforms.


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