Packing everything and moving to a new house is stressful and that is just the start of the work. After that starts the hours you spend in stores and online on different sites like My Active Home, Amazon, and many others. These sites give you great insights into what is available on the market and which product will give you what features. They’re your guide to buying the best home products you want in your house.

Here is an idea for those who are looking for gifts for their friends or family members or new neighbors who just brought a new home and got settled in it. Instead of buying a bottle of wine as a housewarming gift, or some dumb tchotchke you grabbed in desperation… What your newly-nesting friends would appreciate so much more (especially in those first few weeks, when they’re surrounded by boxes) are elevated versions of the basic cleaning tools and supplies that were likely left behind when they moved.

A new space requires a lot of personal touches to make it feel homey and you can help your host, which can be friends, family or your new neighbors achieve that by giving them gifts that can remind them of you every time they look at them.

Here are five unique gifts that will amaze your hosts and hopefully you’ll be getting invited again at their parties for loads of free food and socialization 

1. Embroidered gifts

You can give your host pillow covers, napkins, towels, jackets and several other things that they can use in their daily routine. However, by embroidery digitizing them you can put a personal touch to the gift. Then whenever they use that gift they’ll always be reminded of you. There are many embroidery digitizing services in the market. You can get their names or phrase printed on almost anything. Embroidery digitizing takes minimum time, effort and cost but it is a thoughtful gift that makes the host feel you care and love for them. 


2. Personalized Rolling Pins

Is your host a baker or someone who loves to bake different things? Then a personalized rolling pin is something no one would have thought of to give as a gift. Add your touch of artistic style to a rolling pin, wooden spoon or spatula with a wood-burned pattern of your choice. Choose a playful collection of polka dots, stars or even their monogram. They will love this gift and might as well remember to save you a piece of the baked dish every time they use the rolling pin.

3.Festive themed gifts

Holidays are hard away from family as it gives you that feeling of loneliness. It is the hardest of the new homeowners who have just started to live in their new house. To give them that sense of familiarity, you can give them a personalized gift that relates to the holiday that is going on or just around the corner. The gifts can be Christmas trees or decorations for the tree which you can get from any stores pretty inexpensive as well. For Halloween you can give them craved pumpkins there are multiple carving ideas on the internet. This gift not only shows how much you care for your host but also helps them feel at ease in their new homes as they know that you’re there for them in celebrations and on every occasion.

4.Knit Blankets

No matter what season, after a long hard day at work all you want to do is snuggle up in bed with a blanket at the end of the day. Your host would love this gift as blankets are always useful. Also, these days’ knit blankets are used in multiple ways they can be used for draping across a loveseat or at the base of a bed.

5.Coffee Mugs

Who doesn’t want a mug; it’s the first thing you use as you wake up in the morning. Personalized coffee mugs are perfect for your host. There are multiple things you can get done on a coffee mug. While coaster with coffee mugs are the new trend these days with their practical usage. Cat mugs are cute for your hosts who love pets. While color changing mugs are for your loved one who can see how much you love them every time they pour in hot coffee in the mug to start their day.

6.Potted Plants

Do your hosts love the environment as much as you do? Then a tree that they can grow in their yard or their balcony can be the perfect gift for them. You can give the initial sprout in a clay pot and with a little care; they can soon place that tree outside in their yard where in 10-15 years it will grow into a huge tree. If your host lives in an apartment then a bonsai plant is perfect for them as they provide them with the fresh air they want and they can be adjusted easily on the balcony garden


Wall art pieces are easily available in the market and are perfect for your host. Help brighten up those bare walls with beautiful wall art – which can easily help to transform a house into a home. Choose pieces that fit with the color scheme of the new house and reflect your host ideas about their house. They can also be personalized with their name and phrase that is meaningful to both you and them.


Giving gifts is a practice that has been centuries old and has helped bring people closer. Gifts given with no expectations and warm feelings express a lot of emotions. The gesture doesn’t count on the money spent on it or the size of the gift. It is just the thought that is put behind it should matter. Personalized and thoughtful gifts give you just that when giving a gift to your host regardless of them being old or new friends.

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