Gaming is one of the most prevalent hobbies these days, especially for our male population. Be it the West or East, all guys are very much into gaming, and can play it for hours at a time. In addition to that, all the new gaming accessories and gadgets like PS and Xbox, keeps their interest in gaming intact.

Interactive gaming has evolved rapidly since the early days of arcade cabinets and Atari systems. What was once a one or two-player experience is now shared widely around the globe.


Watch this video to find out 9 startling facts that you didn’t know about Gaming Industry.


Note: The video contains an error. There are in fact, 2.6 billion gamers, not 6 billion.


Women also play online video games, but men are more likely to refer themselves as “gamers” than women. Online role-playing games (especially multiplayer games or MMOs) are more likely to result in video game addiction than other computer game genres. People who have higher levels of trait anxiety, aggressive behavior, and neuroticism are at a higher risk for video game addiction.


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