Now that the holiday season is over and a new year is ahead of us, already running by as fast as it could, it does bring us the joy of special days for our loved ones. These days could be birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, you name it!

Here are some of the coolest gifts you will ever come across to buy for them. Make their day even more special with these unique presents. From a range of classic iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S9 to the most unique and cool Polaroid replacement, we are going to be talking about all the new gadgets worthy to be wrapped up.

Google Day Dream

Source: XDA Developers

Google Day Dream is a recent product launch from Google’s product range. It is perfect for anyone, particularly the younger ones who are into a whole lot of tech and want to experience virtual reality but not on another level. Also a great gift for someone who already owns an Android phone.

Priced around 99 dollars, it’s more comfortable than the heavy duty ones as it forgoes the stereotypical black plastic for a softer cloth material. It is available in multiple colors.

HP Sprocket 2-in-1

Source: Hardware Zone

Perfect for that one person in your life who prefers printed photos instead online storage, HP Sprocket is a great one to look out for. It is a modern version of a Polaroid camera and lets you print out a 2 by 3 inch photo wirelessly from a computer or a tablet and anywhere anytime.

The design on HP Sprocket is pretty sleek and is compact enough to fit in a crossbody bag. Oh, and it includes a 5 megapixel camera so you can snap directly without a smart device.

Fitbit Ionic

Source: PCMag

FitPit is an ideal gift for anyone is your life that you know prioritizes fitness above everything else. It is a smart watch with more option than fitbit blaze and features a new fitness coach that can be a guide for you during your workouts.

The heart rate sensor on it includes a relative SpO2 sensor which helps you keep track of the oxygen levels in your blood over time.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Source: Harvey Norman

Everyone loves a classic smartphone as a present, especially if it’s one of the most sought after smart phone of the time. Samsung Galaxy S8’s screen quality is the best any phone has featured ever. The device supports facial recognition which means no buttons required for this one.

Speaking of buttons, there is no button on the front which means it’s all glass. The design is super sleek and a gadget lover will love to own a phone like this one. It captures vibrant images, has a long battery life and features a beautiful design. So what’s not to like in it?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Source: Pocket Lint

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is one of the latest additions to the Samsung tablet range. It is perfect for a child entering in his teens to help with light productivity and homework on the go. It has a great 2048-by-1536 pixel Super AMOLED screen that displays vibrant visuals.

The overall value of this tablet surprisingly beats iPad Pro in terms of the screen quality as well as the overall value.

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