Max Lanman made an amazing video to sell his girlfriend’s used Honda Accord 1996 that has gone viral in just two days.

The video features Max Lanman’s girlfriend’s car, with 141,095 miles on the odometer and a $499 price tag.

His girlfriend’s car has already picked up real bids with the top one being $100,000 on eBay. The video took a close up of a tape-deck, coffee pot, and rubber duckies along with a cat inside of the car.

In an interview, Mr Lanman told BBC, “The inspiration to make the ad came while my girlfriend Carrie and I were driving up the coast on Highway 1, heading to Big Sur to go camping.”

“It dawned on me that it would be really funny to film a car commercial for a really crappy car against such a gorgeous backdrop.”

“It was an ‘absolutely insane’ experience watching the spoof ad go viral.”

“It is surreal to think that something that I made with my friends, that two days ago sat on my computer, is now being watched around the world. Thank God for the internet.”

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