Despite being the most prestigious brand in the Tech world, Apple has a disturbing history of malware attack issues.

Recently, a well-known software engineer named Abraham Masri pointed out some flaws in the defence system of Apple’s operating system. Apparently, to prove his point, he developed a code on the programming site GitHub which activates the bug connected to a link. iPhone and Mac users are receiving messages containing that link which forces their ‘safari browser’ to crash while the other application to get slowdown immediately.

picture source: google image

However, Mr Masari states that the bug is not harmful at all.

After a trail of news on the social media about the bug, Mr Masari removed it.

He says “I’m not going to upload it again. I made my point that Apple needs to take these bugs more seriously.

After this episode of utter panic among the users, the dust has settled down now and everybody wants an answer from Apple which has made no comment yet.

Not to forget that this is not the first case where Apple’s weakness over security network has been pointed out.They later apologized from the customers for the glaring password issue in mac which was providing access without a password.

Seems like Apple is still in the hard water to defend its position over malware control!



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