A recent report from Digitimes suggests that Android smartphone manufacturers may be following Apple’s steps soon: Android phone manufacturers may soon start working on facial recognition feature instead of fingerprint sensors.

According to the report, Huwai, Oppo, and Xiamoi are all working on 3D sensor technology of their own. This tech setup is being used by Apple in its latest flagship to unlock the phone via reading the owner’s face.

According to DigiTimes sources, the companies that develop such technologies are receiving a large number of order, which definitely points towards the fact that next year’s Android flagships will be equipped with something identical to Apple’s Face ID.

These are only rumours for now as nothing is official from the companies, but it won’t be a surprising fact if these reports turn out to be true. We already know that the upcoming Galaxy S9 may sport similar features. In fact, some of the manufacturers are already working on it, like the recently-revealed OnePlus 5T has the same facial recognition technology in addition to fingerprint scanning.

The question is whether everyone will ditch fingerprint sensors, as Apple has, or offer facial recognition on top of a password and fingerprint scanning technology.

Though it’s a nice option to go for, it’s still unknown whether customers will be able to fully embrace the facial recognition tech or not.



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