Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus is the new sensation of the mobile world. Tons of critical reviews have been published ever since the launch along with hundreds of tests. Sadly, Samsung S9 plus has scored embarrassingly low in one of these tests.

iFixit, the US company which is famous for its guides to repair electronic items and gadgets, has given 4 out of 10 to Samsung Galaxy S9 in terms of repairability. Before S9, the company has ripped apart many smartphones to look the inside manufacture of the phone and discover methods to repair them.

Image Source: TechCrunch

According to the report, it is almost impossible to repair Galaxy S9 plus due to the heavy usage of glue.The all-glass front and rear panel increase the chances of damage to the panel while opening the unit. Being waterproof makes it even more difficult to fix it in case of any damage. This makes some of the parts impossible to be taken out without extra use of removal liquid.


No Good Done to the Camera!

Besides the matter of repairability, iFixit has revealed some other secrets of S9 as well. According iFixit, S9 and S9 plus are remarkably similar to Galaxy S8 plus. Even the camera and the iris scanner is pretty much as same as the Galaxy S8. This is kind of disappointing as with every new release of a series, people expect some major enhancement in the camera.

Moreover, the inside function of the S9 camera has no role of hardware for their Ar Emoji feature unlike the Animoji feature of iPhone. Sadly, it’s just another filter thing to make things more interesting.

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