A new study has found that the most loyal Twitter users that tend to use the platform frequently are the real source of spreading the fake news on the micro-blogging website.

During the public emergencies, active users retweet and like the original posts that are promoting fake news or rumors. The research published by Natural Hazards essentially tested four cases of rumors. Two of each belonged to Marathon and Hurricane. The well-known falsification regarding the New York stock exchange flooding was also the part of testing.

Researchers examined the following three type of behaviors among the users:

  • Users who go with the flow means who spread fake news
  • Users who try to confirm the news
  • Users who cast doubt upon it

Expectedly, the results reveal that around 86 to 91 percent of the users spreads fake news, while only 5 to 9 percent sought to confirm the authenticity of the false news. However, only one to nine percent users express their doubts about the false news.

The study also revealed that less than 10% percent of the Twitter users who spread the false news ‘Unretweeted’ their erroneous retweet. However, less than 20% of the same users clarified their false tweets with a new tweet.

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