AI could assist spies to do their jobs


Have you ever considered the job of an intelligence analyst, he has to go through tons of information for the sake of the greater good? The raw data that this person is provided with could be anything going on a report, government statements and could reach up to the items in the local media. His job is to look at all the data, synthesize it in the form of reports and this becomes a great territory for the artificial intelligence to work on and this theory is proposed by a company known as primer

It has been some time since Primer has been on toes to developing an AL system so they could initiate the artificial intelligence to make things better and easier for the spies working in the government agencies. An intelligence analyst’s mission “is to make sense of the world around you,” says Sean Gourley, Primer’s founder, and CEO.

The idea of AI intelligence playing the role of synthesizing data sends down shivers to many of those people who warn other about safe from AI itself. But according to primer, this will not only provide a helping hand to the human analyst but the information this intelligence requires shall be generated in a faster mean of time.

“We want to be able to take that process, and write that first draft,” he adds, “so that the analyst, when they sit down, instead of being confronted by a stream of hundreds of documents, is confronted by a draft of a report that they can ultimately edit themselves.”

“One of the fundamental tenets of what we build, and how we build our AI systems here, is that it’s always interpretable,” he says. “It always links back to the original sources, and it always communicates to the user both what data was used as an input to make the decision, and also how it go there.”

“Because there are consequences to decisions that are made on top of this intelligence system,” he adds. “You do have to design around that, and it’s absolutely possible to do that. And that’s very important for us.”


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