Airbnb just announced an improvement in their services, an improvised version of the later. With their new embedded features and extra efficiency to find you a home in an unknown land. But what was more intriguing besides the reveal of the “beyond” version of the deal. It was their comments section, down below. from the first comment to the last, everyone was slandering the company and their unpleasant experiences they have had with it. The tech company’s digital team must be enduring a lot since they were on a constant streak of sorry and apologies. Even though the situation was worst for the support team to handle, it all looked a little too ironic.

There he was, the somewhat motivated but not-so excited speaker, bickering and showing off the new advancements of their app with a promise of making it more convenient and useful. While the comment section down below was stating a big-time different story. People were full of sorrow if not angry on the announcement of “increments”, demanding that they should have improved what’s there already. From the horrifying experience of a not-so-welcoming host to the procedures of mismanagement. Their comment section had it all.

Looking at the state, in near future or sometime soon, if you’re planning to book an Airbnb for your vacation landing at an unknown place. We would appreciate your effort of checking their Facebook site first. Because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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