Alexa, the brilliant personal assistant developed by Amazon, has been equipped with a new ability that allows the device to send text messages to any phone. It previously had the feature to text through it’s Alexa app but the company wanted to expand its potential and make it a proper communication tool.

This new feature works when you simply dictate the robot to text after installing the Alexa app on your Android phone and linking it to the device. Amazon says the process is as easy as summoning the bot by saying, ‘Alexa, text XYZ’ and the message is sent to that person if their number is saved in your phone’s contact list. ‘Alexa will then find the best way to send the message’ Amazon says. It might be delivered through SMS or through Alexa’s own messaging app. These messages can be sent to any SMS receiving device be it an Android phone or any other.


Though Amazon doesn’t have a similar feature for iPhone at this point since Apple does not offer its messaging API to third parties. The messages sent will be shown in the sent items on your smartphone.

For now the feature is only available in the US which supports calling and messaging but does not work on third party devices currently.

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