AI System

Government and Private companies are activating the AI system and a very fast pace. But the locals do not have the tools to hold the system accountable when they fail.

Accountability Gap

There is a big accountability gap as this technology is integrated across core social domains. And they put forward ten recommendations, including calling for government regulation of facial recognition and “truth-in-advertising” laws for AI products. So that companies can’t simply trade on the reputation of the technology to sell their services.

The action which is needed immediately is the use of facial recognition and affect recognition. As this system is mostly used by police forces, in China, the US, and Europe.

And for affect recognition, where companies affirm technology can scan someone’s face and read their character and even objective.

The problems of AI accountability are escort to light. And as a result, tech employees, lawmakers, and the local public are now willing to act than endure.

Meredith Whittaker states that:

 “What you’re seeing is people waking up to the contradictions between the cyber-utopian tech rhetoric and the reality of the implications of these technologies as they’re used in everyday life.”





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