Google promises to bring Google Lens to all the Android Phones using Google Photos. To the people who are wondering what Google Lens is, here is a simple explanation. Google lens is a visual search engine which recognizes the object and places, captured in your photos and provides you information which relatable to it. Until now, the feature was available for those who had advanced pixel phones but now it is soon going to be launched for Android users. The activation is available through Google assistant as well. However, no actual date has been given for the activation until now.

Image Source: Yahoo

Google Lens may be considered as an unnecessary feature by many but it can be very useful. Having a google lens to scan your photos means you can have information about anything just by clicking its picture. Users can also create a contact from a business card or identify a landmark.

But sometimes the feature can be pretty irritating. To be honest, it can be the best thing when you want it to work but the most frustrating when you don’t need it and it works anyway.  Although like any other application, it depends on the user too whether they find it useful or not.


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