Europe? USA? No, these places didn’t have the highest number of tourists this year.

Official tourism figures lately released by the United Nations has disclosed that Palestinian territories had, by far, the increasing number of tourists this year. Surprisingly, by April, the number of tourists visiting this amazing destination crossed 400,000 who visited last year.

Isn’t the place amazing?

Egypt is on the second position with a 51% increase, followed by the Northern Mariana Islands at the third position. Rarely heard, these incredible islands are part of the Commonwealth of the United States and are known for their diving spots and perfect beaches.

No.5 isn’t a surprise, Iceland, whose recent starring role in Game of Thrones has dragged many new visitors over the last few years.

According to the UN World Tourism Organisation Secretary-General Taleb Rifai, these figures estimates show that places that were affected by negative events during 2016 are showing obvious signs of recovery in a very short period of time.

‘This is very welcome news for all, but particularly for those whose livelihoods depend on tourism in these destinations,’ he continued.

Here are the top 10 places to be your next trip destination:

1. Palestinian Territories  (up 57.8%)

2. Egypt (up 51%)

3. Northern Mariana Islands ( 37.3%)

4. Iceland (up 34.9%)

5. Tunisia (up 32.5%)

6. Vietnam (up 31.2%)

7. Uruguay (up 30.2%)

8. Nicaragua (up 28.4%)

9. Mongolia (up 28.3%)

10. Israel  (up 25.1%)

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