A US couple has filed a lawsuit against the retail giant Amazon, claiming they got eye injuries from solar eclipse glasses bought on the website.

Corey Payne and Kayla Harris claimed they felt headaches and vision impairment after wearing the glasses to witness the US solar eclipse on August 21st.

The retail giant said it already issued a recall on potentially faulty eclipse glasses on August 10th. However, the couple claimed they were not informed of the recall.

Legal documents filed by the U.S couple say the warning was “tragically too little, too late”.

Amazon has refused to give any word on the lawsuit, which was filed in a federal court in South Carolina on Tuesday.

As for the recall, the company claimed it informed the customers through an email about issuing a recall of some solar eclipse glasses products that it was incapable of verifying as having been made by reputable companies.

However, Amazon did not reveal the scale of the recall or list the affected vendors.

When the retail giant issued the recall, it said it didn’t name any particular brands, because some were selling legitimate versions of eclipse glasses.

The couple said that they wore eclipse glasses to witness the first total solar eclipse since 1918. However, after few hours, they began experiencing headaches and eye watering.

Afterwards, the couple also experienced vision impairment including blurred and distorted vision.

The couple is also searching to draw other customers who also claim they did not receive any warning from the company and experienced similar injuries from using faulty eclipse glasses.

Now, the couple wants the company to compensate for the loss by paying the medical cost of monitoring peoples’ eyes to see how much damage, if any, has occurred.

As far as the solar eclipse is concerned, the experts warned people never to watch directly at the Sun with the naked eye.

Nasa scientists warned against using homemade filters or ordinary sunglasses because these glasses would transmit thousands of times too much sunlight for the eyes to manage.

They rather advised people to get special eclipse glasses from the American Astronomical Society (AAS)’s list of Reputable Vendors of Solar Filters & Viewers.




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