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Amazon has finally unveiled its newest technological miracle in the form of Amazon Go, a service and grocery store shopping space which brings evolves your shopping experience to the next digital level. Say goodbye to checkout queues and cash registers. Simply pick up items from the shelves and “Just Walk Out.”

Initially, Amazon reveled its plans and this shopping space of the future in 2016 with accessibility to a few special Amazon employees whilst being tested in its beta phase. The project faced major delays and deadline extensions and the Seattle based grocery store seemed to many as a failure. Amazon has now, however, silenced all its critics and opened the space to public.

Credits: Digital Trends

The entire process for shopping at Amazon Go’s incredible store is fairly simple. Download the Amazon Go app and scan a QR code on the entry turnstile which will in turn cause the store’s electronic arm barriers to open up. All items that you pick up from the shelves will automatically be added to your visual cart and can be just as easily discarded if you change your decision. Walk out of the store whenever you please without dealing with any other people or bearing the hassle of waiting in a line. The expense will be charged on your Amazon account and you will also be messaged a receipt!

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