Amazon, the internet darling, is taking over on nearly everything with its dominance in the retail industry. Recently, its announcement of acquiring The Whole Foods left the grocery industry flabbergasted.

Amazon is making its brand name generic in the domain of online shopping. It is only making its hold stronger on our lives, by generating our needs and wants itself, over time.

Apart from its recent deal, let us have a look at what other things Amazon has hold of, and how it never fails to make an impact:

Retail and e-commerce:

This one doesn’t even need to be described.

Cloud computing:

Amazon Web Services powers many of the apps and websites people use on daily basis.

Artificial intelligence:

Amazon also leads among different AI technologies. Its intelligent Alexa marks its name in the world of digital assistants.


Amazon also came up with Amazon Air to tackle the hassle of delivering goods. The company launches its own planes and drones to deliver goods. In addition to it, Amazon is also working on an autonomous truck technology.



Amazon also jumped in the field of entertainment. It enables the customers to stream or download TV programs, movies and music, and let people buy digital music and video.


With the recent acquisition of Whole Foods and its own Fresh delivery service, Amazon is well considered the grocery giant in the industry.


According to a CNBC report, Amazon is planning on acquiring the prescription drug business.

This is not all. Amazon is influencing other industries indirectly through Jeff Bezos own investments.

News media:

Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post and a small have a small share in Business Insider.

Outer space:

Bezos also owns a rocket company, Blue Origin.

It seems like Amazon is an octopus that is holding its strong grip over different industries, and even has an intention to grab more in future. The question arises here that whether the company will live up to the expectations and continue to create its impact deeply in our lives?

But one thing is for sure, Amazon has hit various successful milestones from taking its initiative from an online bookstore, and making it into the top tech and retail industries. It has successfully made its influence in our lives, and what need is there that Amazon cannot fill.

The aforementioned question might be too early to think about, but it is clear that no one can compete Amazon.




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