Amazon is now moving a step ahead of routine thieves by associating with the US police. The aim is a concern to their respective work, the parcels are being stolen from the doorsteps of the customers. And Amazon uses dummy parcels for that. This is, above all, a query for Amazon and for the customers while US police need to assure the security of the citizens and their belongings.

Placement of Dummy parcels at different Locations!

City’s crime statistic’s helped is taken. The police department in the territory of New Jersey conducted an experiment. The placements of parcels were at the doorsteps to identify the robberies. Even more, these parcels are placed along with dummy boxes having GPS tracker along with secret cameras hidden at the doorbells of those specific houses. The base of selection of sample is the patterns of theft locations for the supplies of Amazon.

Amazon has deep concerns and has started working on the cause in a very serious manner. The least stolen time of a parcel was right after 3 minutes of its delivery and that was an upset. This concern from the police department is highly appreciated by Amazon, and they have stated: “We appreciate the increased effort by local law enforcement to tackle package theft and remain committed to assisting however we can.”

Measures which are taken:

Amazon worked on “Amazon Key” which helps a parcel to get inside the house. The application allowed householder and courier serviceman to coordinate but the step was rather huge and inconvenient too.

Suggestion on Measures:

They can take many other steps. The parcels they can probably deliver with a confirmation signature, or at some place in the neighborhood. It can be at a friend’s where an actual person can receive it by opening the door. Or most importantly, they can install cameras at various places. With this, the police department can certainly keep an eye too.

Moreover, Amazon knows the consequences and for that, they already are providing lockers at different locations. From there the customers can pick up their orders. But lastly, there are certain gaps in the security, which needs fulfillment.

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