Amazon’s cloud-based program is helping the 4th-6th grade students become better writers.


Since 2013, Amazon’s ed-tech startup has been helping teachers and parents to set an easy curriculum for kids, which is all about math.

And now Amazon is launching TenMarks Writing, a cloud-based program that will assist kids in 4th-6th grades in becoming better writers.

The writing coach will help them from framing stories to pre write phase and real time editing with their teachers.

The teacher also evaluates kids writing ability by leaving comments in the Teacher View so kids know time-to-time where do they need improvements.

The curriculums are fun yet engaging so the kids will have a good time in learning new writing skills.

Schools can also avail TenMarks Writing just for $4 per kid every year. For now, this startup is only for students of grade 4th-6th but Amazon is also planning to introduce the same programs for kids in 7th-8th grade.

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