Above 1200 Intel Drones will take a flight on Friday’s opening ceremony. A world record is to be set and the drones will make a shape of five rings kicking off the 2018’s Olympics’ game, in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The Intel drones are unique as they come with super large LED lights with solid propellers and sensors involved. They are super light in weight, less than a pound. These high tech gadgets are to coordinate with every drone that flies irrespective of if it’s lit up or no.


Anil Nanduri, the General Manager of Intel’s drone group told a source how they aimed for something extraordinary, something the world has never witnessed before.

The drones will be controlled by three employees. Intel plans daily performance to last up to 3-5 minutes, all over the winter games. However depends on the weather forecast as well.

One of the classic drone performance in the past was seen in Lady Gaga’s performance, forming the shape of U.S flag at Super Bowl. The formation took place when Gaga was singing ‘God bless America’.

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