Android Oreo is loaded with little twists and fixes to the Android experience, and there’s more to be excited about.

Background Colours:


In the latest version: Android Oreo, Google has introduced a large number of notifications, and apart from other cool sounds for notification channels and previews, there is a new notification feature that needs no efforts: Background colours.

Background colours enable developers to make their colour more vibrant and easy to identify among other notifications.  The company has emphasized on the fact that it is only for those notifications that require immediate glance.

For media controls, instead of selecting a single colour for the notification based on the app’s colour, media playback notifications can instead draw colours out of the album artwork.

The outcome is indeed incredible.

Change the entire look of your lock screen:

Change the entire look of your lock screen by combining background colours with full-screen album art. Just swipe the playlist to change the lock-screen. Themes are indeed mesmerizing with radiant and vibrant colours.

Incredible colour mess:

Snow White

They alone are quite incredible. However, when blended in with white notifications or with another coloured notification, that beauty can dissolve to garishness as the two album arts and background colours clash.

Are you mesmerized with colour chaos over your phone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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