Google made multiple announcements at its event, including the unveiling of the Pixel 2, Pixelbook, Home Mini, and more. However, something else, worthy of attention was also spotted. Go through the updated Google Store, and you won’t find a single listing for any Android Wear device.

The Google Store homepage shows you all of the company’s latest products, but you can no longer find any of the Android Wear watches. The Android Wear page itself can still be accessed directly from the mentioned link, but for all intents, Google is hiding this one from any of the Store’s visitors.

The LG Watch Style and Watch Sport are still there listed within the Android Wear page, but neither of the watches is in stock or available to buy. If you click on “shop now” next to either one, you’ll see a message saying “no longer available” for both.

The company added loads of latest features and improvements to Android Wear with the big 2.0 release back in February, but neither the Watch Style or Watch Sport that pioneered this new software release was able to attract an audience the same way devices like the original Huawei Watch or Moto 360 were able to a year ago. There have been other Android Wear products outside of the company’s two flagships earlier this year, but they’ve either been from luxury fashion brands, adopted bulky designs that not everyone wants, or have been discontinued after just 4 months.

The sudden disappearance or unavailability of the Android Wear page from the Google Store doesn’t certainly mean that the platform is no more, but it is probably a sign that it’s not a major area of focus for Google right now. Instead, the company is depending on its partners to sell the platform, not necessarily the brand itself, to mainstream users.


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