The suspicious email received by some customers who pre-ordered the Essential phone wasn’t a scam or a phishing email at all. The company’s CEO, Andy Rubin has apologized and disclosed that it was a legal email from an id that has gone rogue. In a statement, the Android platform creator said the company “made an error in [its] customer care function.” It seems as if the company’s customer care team used a rogue email id that sent one email asking for additional verification to various recipients.  As a result, about 70 of them ended up responding to that email and sending sensitive info to “a small group of other customers.”

Obviously, they can’t erase their personal details from other inboxes. however, as a compensation, Essential has offered them a year’s worth of identity theft protection service through LifeLock, and a promise to prevent anything similar to this in the future. Rubin said the company has now “taken steps internally to add safeguards against this happening again in the future.” It has also disabled the rogue account and has guaranteed to invest to make the customer care department better.

Part of the founder’s statement reads:

“Being a founder in an intensely competitive business means you occasionally have to eat crow. It’s humiliating, it doesn’t taste good, and often, it’s a humbling experience. As Essential’s founder and CEO, I’m personally responsible for this error and will try my best to not repeat it.”

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