Tired of getting spam calls and running in to pick up the phone to realize that its an automated call that is only there to waste our time? Annoyed at having walked out of a meeting to learn that its just a robo call. At least you can reply to a telemarketer but with robo calls there is no way out because you can’t really say anything back because it doesn’t get recorded. In todays time everything has gotten worse because of the inbuilt microphones in our devices which keep tabs on what we talk about and show those items on our news feed.

  1. Block the numbers

This is a sure proof way in many smartphones to block unwanted calls from dummy robots.

  1. Use Third Party apps

Call blocking apps can identify who is calling you and block unwanted calls that show up on a crowd sourced spam number. Use apps like true caller.

  1. Stop picking up unknown calls

This may seem like the most obvious solution but trust me when I say this. Most of us don’t figure it out immediately and it’s the easiest solution to avoid getting unwanted calls.

  1. If any caller asks you to hit any buttons during the call, Hang up


This is a method used by scammers to identify potential targets and spam them more.


  1. Do not reply to any questions specifically those that can be answered by a yes

Most good relevant firms will already have your data and will tell you your information themselves, not the other way around.


I hope these tips were of help and will help you save more time during the day!

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