Finally, Pakistani cricket team left the whole nation flabbergasted by its marvelous performance yesterday. Pakistanis are overjoyed on the victory of Pakistan, more specifically, triumphing over Indians.

Where people were watching live streaming of the memorable Pak vs Ind match, there was another battle live on Twitter. Many people including renowned names tweeted regarding the match. But there was and still not all about just the match. The battle started and went on too far, going through different phases from humor to mockery. But where all of it gone wrong?

It all started with Virender Sehwag’s tweet where he said that after defeating Bangladesh, India will defeat Pakistan (Beta).

And then Rishi Kapoor came in to add more fuel to the fire and mocked the team ever since they made into the finals.


This was the moment, and the war began. Many patriots joined in the so-called conversation.

As we all know, yesterday was the Father’s Day and so was the day for ICC final. Every Indian was soaring up in the skies before the match, most probably the ninth sky. As the former Indian cricketer tweeted:

and another one from Rishi Kapoor,


However, Indians might have forgotten in ecstasy that son is never born before his father. So, Belated Father’s Day, India!.

We, Pakistanis have never learned to stay behind. One person tweeted,


Among the ongoing battle between two countries, Pakistanis didn’t take a step back and supported our beloved cricket team on every win.

That’s not all, Jazz was all set up to release its new TVC to celebrate nation’s victory.  After all, it had to be done to send a response to their viral commercial #MaukaMauka. Right after Pakistan’s win, it broke the internet with the number of its viewers.

Meanwhile, after our win, Indians were enraged and the anger came out a bit costly.

Well, unfortunately, they don’t have any “Tum Jeeto ya Haaro, Humein Tumse Pyar Hai” to encourage their team.

Pakistan’s patriots were so dominant that even Rishi had to take back his words.


Whatsoever, Pakistan gave the best reply to all the negative comments and efforts to make team’s morale up, so their efforts won’t go in vain.


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