So here is a good news for all the iPhone users!

Apple has announced to add a separate section for music videos in the Apple music app in their latest version iOS 11.3.

According to some reports, a person now loading up Apple music will find an advanced option named as “Music Videos”.


The new service is going to provide the iPhone users ad-free music videos. Yes, you heard it right! Prior to this update, the users could make a playlist of their own to watch. But as Apple likes to add some charm in every app with a new update, this new update will create a playlist of its own consisting all the latest music videos including the most popular as well as the trending songs of the time.

Now, the iPhone users will be able to subscribe to such lists in just $ 9.99 and will be able to watch new videos on daily basis without making any efforts.

The latest music video segment will not come out officially until the new version of iOS 11.3 launches. However, this has been Apple’s policy that they always unlock the new versions for few subscribers just to get a review about their new technology and to test whether their latest features are working properly for everyone or not.

The new music video section will show up for every iPhone user, but Apple will only allow the paid subscribers of Apple music to use it.

The new feature will provide the users with a prominent, highlighted, and exclusive playlist. According to the latest Apple news, this music feature is an ad free, curated approach that is going to make Apple Music the ‘best music video service for all’.

Recently, the iOS giant is also set to launch its Apple watch series 4 with a bigger screen and better design.

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